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A Wordle based upon my Twitter

2009 Feb 6th | 02:28 am
location: Ant Hill Cooperative
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my Twitter

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Ahoy, matey!

2007 Jun 5th | 09:49 pm
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mood: hungryhungry
music: WXXI-AM 1370 Live Broadcast

tagged by capable first mate jsotelo64

LiveJournal Username
Fifteen men on a dead man's chest!
Cutlass or pistol?
What is the name of your pirate ship?
Where is your secret pirate base?
What kind of loot do you prefer?
What do you and your crew prefer to be called?
Parrot or monkey?
Your capable first matejsotelo64
Your bumbling cabin boy with a heart of goldgstef
The aloof, yet honorable, pirate with a mysterious pastfour
Is always the first one into the fraydollpaper
Is the naval officer who ruthlessly pursues your shipbloodraynn
Is the comical pirate who is always drunk on grog134013413
Is currently in Davy Jones's lockerdollpaper
The amount of money you make as a pirate$2,247,685
This Fun Quiz created by Lynn at BlogQuiz.Net

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Time-Warner station NY1 bans University of Rochester students from Clinton-Spencer on-campus debate

2006 Oct 26th | 01:20 pm
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music: All Things Considered on National Public Radio

Time-Warner station NY1 banned students of the University of Rochester from attending the on-campus debate between incumbent Hillary Clinton and challenger John Spencer in the contest for Senate from New York, likely at the behest of the Clinton campaign and against traditions of seeking student participation in electoral politics. Is Hillary a Democrat or what?

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Hello, World

2006 Oct 5th | 07:41 pm
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mood: accomplished
music: All Things Considered, National Public Radio

Zooomr, an incredibly advanced, feature-rich, photo sharing community much like Flickr, offers free Pro accounts to bloggers who sign up and link to Zooomr. For one year, they allow four gigabytes monthly of full resolution image uploading, storage, viewing, linking, and downloading. They promise to allow full access to the images after the first year, even if those Pro accounts do not renew, what an offer!

On the fore, Zooomr uses only alternative logins, such as Open ID, an emerging way to reuse your identity across multiple sites. Since Brad Fitzpatrick here at LiveJournal invented Open ID, naturally users of LiveJournal, Vox, and other Six Apart platforms can log into Zooomr and create an account without creating yet another identity and maintaining another password. Open ID lets users on these and all other enabled servers login into Zooomr and not only post images but also comment on others. Zooomr also admits Google, Gmail, and Meetro identities. Put simply, unlike Flickr, which requires users create and use a Yahoo identity, Zooomr admits all LiveJournal users without yet another login. Quite a boon for replying, isn't this how social media should work!

Google members can join on verifying their identity. LiveJournal keepers could follow the instructions posted at Zooomr, but rather than use MyOpenID, simply log into Zooomr and create your account! Bypassing MyOpenID frees you from its Terms of Service, a lengthy and vague license for a brave new tangled legal world with an identity service for a fourth party. Instead, Zooomr asks only a brief set of rules.

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Thanks go to Craig for the tip. If you found this post worthy of sharing, consider linkmarking or adding this to your “memories”, so search engines and others can also find it.

I had long promised to start writing my LiveJournal, and not only use it for replies. Well, here i am. This all seems a lot for a “Hello, World”, but i tend to program like this anyway.

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